When we saw a top for sale with “RETARDE” emblazoned across the front, we knew it was wrong, it was hurtful. It was hate speech used to bully and humiliate people with intellectual disability.
We contacted the stores, and then peacefully protested one of the stores that sold them, we did national media, and finally the tops were removed from the stores.
You can read more about the protest and see a picture of the offensive shirts in these links from November 2013
LINK: Adelaide fashion duo defend T’shirts featuring word ‘Retarde’
LINK: Globalize clothing chain takes remaining few ‘retarde’ shirts off shelves following public outrage
LINK: Fashion label angers disabled

But we only won a small battle, not the war, and we’re hoping you can help by buying a top that we think will be far more popular – one with RESPECTE emblazoned across the front.

So, please, join us and buy a top or two. Maybe for a Christmas gift – we plan to get them to you before Christmas!
BenRespecteAnd please,  share your support for people with intellectual disability, and for anyone who has been humiliated or bullied by hate speech. Do it for our friends with disability, our LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) friends, and for our friends of all races, creeds and gender.

By wearing a shirt of RESPECTE, you are speaking up. Here are a few of the people  who inspire us – Ben who is 13 and has Down syndrome and loves public speaking, and Josh, who left this world two years ago, just before his tenth birthday. He had multiple and profound disabilities and health issues. He is so deeply missed by all who knew him.

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